Attleborough at risk ...

An open letter sent to our MP inc. Wymondham & Diss MP's in addition sent to the Lib. Dem's

Dear Christopher,

Thank you for taking an interest in our plight. Basically Attleborough and our adjacent parish of Besthorpe and the historic area of Burgh Common is being asked to take 4000 new homes and an A11 link road as part of the Breckland Council response to the LDF.
The issues for us are:

1. We have been given no evidence that this quantity of new homes (plus those in Norwich, Hethersett, Wymondham, Great Ellingham, Harling and Thetford) are needed and by whom.

2. Besthorpe is a pretty, settled rural community (approx. 600 souls) which will be totally devastated by the scale of this expansion.

3. The existing A11 and railway already cuts the village in half and this suggestion will create yet another division.

4. Prime farmland and lovely wildlife habitats will be lost under concrete.

5. Attleborough and the surrounding villages of Great Ellingham and Harling are taking the lion’s share of the Breckland commitment after Thetford (I think Thetford are getting additional finance to handle their quota)

6. There are very few jobs around here and the target of 6000 jobs at Snetterton is cloud cuckoo land!

7. If these people do not live in our area at the moment why would they want to come and live here, surely they would prefer a house near their job and family.

8. All the villages and small towns listed at the top have been chosen for their proximity to the A11 and a rail route. This is already at capacity at certain times of the day and could not possibly cope with an influx of this scale. We do not believe that facilities like Elvedon, the little Attleborough station carpark (30 cars), the two carriage train every hour etc. will be improved in time for this expansion.

9. The large area of land chosen for the contentious route of the road past lovely period houses and our beautiful church is to be sold to developers so that they can build intensive estates to pay for the cost of the road and a bridge from the A11 over the railway line.

Our questions really are WHY are we having to host this illogical expansion? WHERE are all the people coming from? SHOULD it be allowed to spoil green space and historic buildings? And if the government are so convinced it is essential WHY aren’t they paying for the necessary infrastructure to make it work as a new home for all these folk?

Best wishes, Linda Aspland (on behalf of Besthorpe Action group).