Attleborough at risk ...

Letters to breckland council; suggestions for topics

Please remember to make it clear where you are writing about and keep a copy.  Posted letters have more impact than electronic! A pick and mix list of starters for you to expand on:

How long have you lived in your current home, why did you choose a rural location?
Are there special features like wild life habitats near you that are precious?
Will the expansion spoil your seclusion or affect your privacy?
What will it do to the variety of wild life?
Do you live in an historic building or location; how would you like to see it protected?
Can the services cope where you live? Eg. Drains and sewage
What effect will it have on traffic?
Where will the transport come from to serve a new community?
Do you work locally? How do you get to work daily?
How do you manage if you have to go to the N & N, need a dentist, doctor etc.
How do you fill your leisure time; is it a local hobby or location?
Do you feel that Attleborough and/or Besthorpe are being asked to take too large a share of new housing?
What is your experience of bus services, station parking, local car parks etc.?
If the developed does go ahead on our side of town how do you see the crossing at Spronces gates and the sleeping policemen coping with the volume of traffic.
The plan increases  the 9702 population of Attleborough (2001 census) by approximately 10,000.  How do you feel this fits with Brecklands stated aim of safe guarding the countryside?
Do you feel that the current delineation of the Attleborough building line roughly at the Spronces Crossing creates a natural boundary and how will the community beyond it relate?
Accepting there has to be some development in Attleborough do you have a preferred location?
Do you have examples like the Poundbury or Nueil- les -Aubiers  satellite towns that would be an acceptable compromise?
Have seen features of new developments like Milton Keynes that have merit?
This possible development and that to the south of Wymondham will, in time, create a linear urban sprawl from Norwich, is this the best way to grow?
How do we ensure that the facilities for a new community of this size really are in place before the houses are built?